Our Visionaries


Chairman's Message

We, at MANAV SANSKAR PUBLIC SCHOOL, have embarked upon the responsibility of shaping the future of our students. The school aims at grooming the students to become useful, confident and responsible citizens with an urge to contribute their best to the society and the nation, respect for moral values willingness to act, team spirit and confidence to succeed.

We are fully commited to provide the kind of educaton that will enable the students to meet the challenge of the highly competitive, scientific, technological world of today, to recognize themselves and to cope with the rapid changes taking place at all steps. Day Boarding Facility at School is due to the increasing demand of our society so as to fulfill needs, and to provide a global environment at school premises.

Our teachers will not leave any stone unturned for child’s growth and development in all spheres. Their energetic and individual approach towards

child, zeal towards teaching will definitely help our students to emerge as better human beings of the society.

Wish you all the best,

Yogesh Sharma,
Manav Sanskar Public School


Manager's Message

Manav Sanskar Education Society works for the Upliftment of the educational standards.The Institution’s healthy Growing Initiative tries to develop more with the help of efficient board members, staff and faculties. We have rededicated our self to the course of quality education.

Nothing is so precious and important in the world as children. A child is like a bud who needs care, nourishment and delicate handling before it blooms into a citizen.

With this aim, our school provides an environment embedded with love and discipline for the development of the child’s personality & shapes them to achieve their goals.

We are confident that those who are aspiring for a challenging career, will find the right place at our school for conditioning themselves with the right kind of skill and aptitude to achieve excellence in various fields of expertise.

Wish you all success,

Usha Sharma
Manav Sanskar Public School


Principal Speak

The school focuses on shaping the students personality by motivating and igniting their young minds as they are most powerful resources in the universe.

We aim to realize the potential of each child, motivate him to achieve academic excellence by providing plethora of opportunities.

MSPS will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of students to achieve kindness, compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of all round Development by inculcating intrinsic values in their heart and soul to face the challenges of life.

School works with a vision to create well groomed and sensitive individuals with capabilities to make a mark in whatever they do and wherever they go. We focus on encouraging the students to learn values of humility and respect to others and also to be observant and to be innovative consistently. We are conscious of providing best educators and always Endeavour to do what is good for the child by ensuring a nurturing environment in the classroom and by creating a climate of trust to encourage children to question.

Wish you all success,

Rama Kaul
Manav Sanskar Public School