Our Team

Our Team

Under the guidance of our Visionaries, Chairman Sh.Yogesh Sharma, Manager Mrs. Usha Sharma, Manav Sanskar is committed to becoming a model of

excellence in the region. Our Staff is chosen through rigorous rounds of interview to maintain a high caliber of education.

The staff consists of highly motivated and qualified teachers most of whom have a long and varied experience in teaching and are efficient to improve and maintain the standards of a good public school.

Teachers and educators, more than professionals in most other fields, are lifelong learners. Rich in their experience, they innate not only to teach but to learn as well. Their flexible student centered approach makes learning an easy process.

Finance Head

Finance Head: Ms. Reena Mishra

Working with the school from seven years, Ms.Reena Mishra , takes care of all the fees, finance related issues of the school.

“MSPS is a learning place both for students and teachers. Over the period of time, students has shown very good performance in academics”.


Coordinator: Ms.Renu Kathpalia

“The fundamental purpose of school is learning, not teaching”.

Having more than six years of experience in schools, Mrs. Renu Kathpalia is the Co-ordinator of Manav Sanskar Public School. She takes care of all the co-curricular activities & Academics of the school.

“Manav Sanskar Public School focuses individually on all the students so that no student remains unattended. Our activities and planners are designed in a way to develop the child’s wholesome personality. I am fortunate to be leading a team of dedicated faculty members who are committed to the task of building future leaders, technocrats, medicos who would not only excel in their respective fields but also would be good human beings. Together let’s build a society of aware and compassionate global citizens”.

Admin In charge

Admin In charge: Ms.Monika Gupta

Ms. Monika is associated with the school from last seven years. She is the in charge of the entire administrative work.

“School is a place that provides education and education is the key to life”.

At MSPS, students are engaged in exploring new ideas, debating eternal questions and solving relevant problems. Learning is excellence centered and exciting to witness. One discovers inquiry based learning in all classrooms. Students engage with ‘big ideas’ and pursue essential and enduring questions. In the corridors is heard the excitement of innovation. Young adults are seen who confidently pursue their passions – academic inquiry, athletic endeavor, or artistic expression. Cultivating the full potential in each student requires a caring, committed and world class faculty.

Primary In charge

Primary In charge: Ms.Purnima Gautam

In primary classes we believe in nurturing the children through natural inquisitiveness, helping them discover that learning is fun, thereby establishing a good foundation for their future progression. There is a strong emphasis on personal and social skill development in a friendly, positive and caring environment encouraging children to grow in confidence and self esteem..

The academic program for students focuses on the development of the whole child not only in the classroom but also in the world outside. Developing the essential elements of learning i.e. knowledge, concepts, skills attitude action, language, analytical thinking is the cornerstone of this program. The children acquire all the building blocks of scholarship along with good study habits and love for learning.

The school conducts regular training programs, workshops to enable and to train teachers in all aspects of education.

Left to Right:(Front Row)
Secretary - Mr. Manish Sharma, Chief Secretary - Ms. Preeti Sharma, Admin Incharge - Ms. Monika Gupta , Primary Incharge - Ms. Poornima Gautam, Finance Head - Ms. Rina Mishra, Academic Coordinator - Ms. Renu Kathpalia

Left to Right:(Back Row)
House Supervisor - Ms. Pinki Prasad Activity Incharge - Ms. Manila Raj Music coordinator - Ms. Prachi Sharma Transport Incharge - Ms. Heena Parashar IT Head - Mr. Rakesh Sharma