About Us

Manav Sanskar Public School has always imbibe in quality education along with traditional values and culture. The school aims at the all round growth of the students and strives to inculcate in them a positive and healthy, physical, emotional and intellectual attitude. Manav Sanskar provides holistic education which combines Indian traditions with modernity and technology to prepare global citizens.

The foundation stone of Manav Sanskar Public School was laid on 23rd December, 2010 by Chairman Sh.Yogesh Sharma, Manager Sh.Usha Sharma. Manav sanskar Public school is duly affiliated by CBSE.

“Special care is taken to inculcate discipline and good study habits. Through the recognition of multiple intelligence and using a layered curriculum, the teachers provide the opportunity for students to direct their own learning within a framework crafted to help them succeed.”

Houses At Manav Sanskar :

Manav Sanskar is in the process of shaping up the future leaders. To this end, the students are given ample opportunities in the management of the school.Every student at Manav Sanskar belongs to a house and it is central to his/her life at school. The house are : Mercury, Earth, Uranus, Saturn. These planets are massive , entire universe conspires in the planets.. The same way our students have aspire to be as grandeur as planets so that the world is at their feet.

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to flourish in a safe, secure and happy environment, so that, whilst making the transition to adulthood, boys and girls can take advantage of the wealth of opportunities on offer here at Manav sanskar. The students are divided into four houses. Students of senior classes are given school appointments i.e. Head boy, Head girl.

This nominated body of students represents the interest of all pupils to the principal and act as a channel of communication.

There are many opportunities for the students that will help them to learn skills of leadership and administration and to develop some awareness about the great issues of corporate and personal responsibility.

Our Objective

  1. Create a stable, trusting atmosphere because children thrive in supportive and secure environment.

  2. Give equal attention to build your child’s self-esteem and skill development through creative processes and a positive approach.

  3. Help the child to recognize his/her strengths and build upon them to create lifelong habits and assets.

  4. Help students develop a questioning and analytical mind so that he/she can better in future aptitude.

  5. Encourage sports and co-curricular activities because they are essential for nurturing confidence, a holistic personality and inner strengths

  6. Help develop the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic growth of students.

  7. Prepare students for active, independent learning in an environment which foasters a spirit of enquiry and cooperation.